You're Being Dishonest...
Sun Feb 3, 2019 12:23pm

The governor never supported infanticide.
You saying he did so is dishonest. That makes you a liar.

Let it sink in.

The governor never argued for killing babies that were already born.
You saying he did so is dishonest. That makes you a liar.

Let it sink in.

What the governor (and others) have done is admit that hypothetically, if there are no restrictions on third trimester abortions, then an abortion could, theoretically, be legally performed right up until the moment of birth - even during the birth depending on the definitions involved. And that is so. But there is no market for that. Nobody wants that. Nobody is arguing for it. Nobody is out there asking for it. In places where abortion is legal without restrictions on third trimester abortions, we don't have a rampant problem with last second abortions being performed.

THIS is a straw man.

It's a lie, the way you present it.

You're capable of better.


  • Not to worry,Governor "Coonman" won't be around much longer.Deplorable Pheoma, Sat Feb 2 4:39pm
    No problem with the clown arguing for killing babies already born, but dig something racist up from his youth and he's toast. Kind of a convenient way to get rid of the guy without condemning his... more
    • Could just as easily apply that to your postgreenman, Sun Feb 3 4:29pm
      No problem with people in blackface or Klan gear, but let someone defend late-term abortions, and you all go crazy. I hate to see him resign, although he should, because it gives the GOP a win...but... more
    • You're Being Dishonest... — Amadeus, Sun Feb 3 12:23pm
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