Could just as easily apply that to your post
Sun Feb 3, 2019 4:29pm

No problem with people in blackface or Klan gear, but let someone defend late-term abortions, and you all go crazy.

I hate to see him resign, although he should, because it gives the GOP a win...but with a black Dem lt. Governor, it's not much of a win for you. :)

  • Not to worry,Governor "Coonman" won't be around much longer.Deplorable Pheoma, Sat Feb 2 4:39pm
    No problem with the clown arguing for killing babies already born, but dig something racist up from his youth and he's toast. Kind of a convenient way to get rid of the guy without condemning his... more
    • Could just as easily apply that to your post — greenman, Sun Feb 3 4:29pm
    • You're Being Dishonest...Amadeus, Sun Feb 3 12:23pm
      The governor never supported infanticide. You saying he did so is dishonest. That makes you a liar. Let it sink in. The governor never argued for killing babies that were already born. You saying he... more
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