He also admitted that he'd done it in a Michael Jackson
Mon Feb 4, 2019 11:55am

costume event. Most likely, he's done it multiple times and, if it's NOT a flat out lie, that is why he wasn't certain if it was him in the photo.

That it was put on HIS page in the yearbook pretty much spells out that it WAS him because, USUALLY, the yearbook committees for COLLEGE yearbooks check with and get authorization from the graduate as to what goes on their personal page. They'd be setting themselves up for a lawsuit to just add something THAT inflammatory to a yearbook.

The moonwalk thing is totally whacked.

He has to GO.

  • ...taking part in an event 35 years ago where people wore Blackface and KKK hoods, I thought "OK, fine, you apologized for being stupid, nothing you've ever actually done shows that you are in any... more
    • Now if only....wondering, Tue Feb 5 1:37am
      you could concede that Trump must go after all the things he has said that makes NO SENSE!! LOL
      • That would be almost everythinggreenman, Tue Feb 5 2:44pm
        I think I heard him say something intelligent once...maybe...;)
      • And what has he said?SES, Tue Feb 5 8:48am
        Letg me guess. You still ignorantly think he called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. Or maybe you still ignorantly think he wants Muslim-Americans to wear badges. No. Wait. Maybe you'll go back 40+ ... more
        • You're so full of it, SESgreenman, Tue Feb 5 2:53pm
          What has he done? He's a racist and a tax cheat, like his dad. He's a sexist scumbag who spoke of 'grabbing 'em by the pussy' as his technique with women. He's been accused of a dozen or so sexual... more
          • one name for such fawning acolytes were Brownshirts. They didn't have have excuses either... though apparently SES didn't make cut for the SS.
            • It's bafflinggreenman, Tue Feb 5 4:43pm
              ...because he seems to support representative democracy, oppose racism, etc. And yet he's a Trumper, and delights in lying for the guy. How does someone have that big of a disconnect?
              • I would not be so sure about that....HeavyHemi, Tue Feb 5 5:05pm
                SES is also big on doing Civil War reenactments. My own personal take is they do those so they can pretend, if just for a few hours, 'it went the right way'.
                • I wouldn't mind thosegreenman, Tue Feb 5 5:21pm
                  ...if it wasn't obvious that a lot of so-called 'loyal Americans' really DID want it to go the other way.
        • Really? You want a list?wondering, Tue Feb 5 9:53am
          How 'bout this one... "There are very fine people on both sides." Yep, very fine neo-Nazis marching with torches and chanting racial slurs.... That is besides his slurs against blacks, Mexicans,... more
          • ...very fine people who were there supporting leaving the Civil War monuments in place. Those very fine people, some of the ones supporting leaving the Civil War monuments in place, were NOT... more
            • It Was A NAZI RallyMerlin, Tue Feb 5 11:38am
              The Confederate statues were just an excuse to conduct a Nazi rally. Those who you say are not Nazis are no more than fellow travelers of the Nazis which comes to muchn the same thing as being a... more
            • Trump Was Asked, Point Blank...Amadeus, Tue Feb 5 11:30am
     condemn white nationalists, neo-nazis, and white supremacists. He declined, and instead, responded that there were good people on both sides of the issue. One could make the argument that what... more
              • "...window dressing". Too funny.SES, Tue Feb 5 2:36pm
                So when your President takes specific actions with the specific purpose of helping minorities, it's just "window dressing". And even though he has never taken any actions intended to HURT minorities, ... more
                • Whether Trump Intended To Hurt The Jews Or Not, He Didand Could Care Less. - Merlin, Tue Feb 5 2:54pm
                  The Tree of Life is a recent example of which you may have heard. Jews called Trump on it but as usual he barged in to the funeral ceremonies and shrugged off their pleas to stop encouraging the... more
                  • Jewish Groups in Pittsburgh Want President Trump to Stay the Hell Away By Luke Darby October 29, 2018 "President Trump, you are not welcome in... more
            • Right.... wondering, Tue Feb 5 11:11am
              He would not condemn those neo-Nazis who marched and chanted... so who do you think he was talking about? You want quotes? Here you go. Blacks... "'Laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I... more
              • I KNEW it. Ha!SES, Tue Feb 5 2:34pm
                Yeah, that asinine Liberal Trump-hating rant about calling some of the Mexicans coming across the border being rapists and drug dealers, where the idiot Liberals morph that into a racist comment... more
    • Wow, I'm flabbergastedgreenman, Mon Feb 4 3:06pm
      That was pretty much my take too....and I agree he has to go after that press conference. Good call...:)
    • He also admitted that he'd done it in a Michael Jackson — Sia☺giah, Mon Feb 4 11:55am
      • Didn't you love that?greenman, Mon Feb 4 3:07pm
        'I am denying I was in blackface in this picture...but I did do it another time you didn't know about.' lol Politically inept is putting it mildly.
          • My godgreenman, Mon Feb 4 7:02pm
            ..I had no idea anyone was so PC as to attack Poppins. Shame on the Times for even printing that drivel.
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