Where's the 25th Amendment
Mon Feb 4, 2019 3:09pm

...when you need it, or the guts to USE it? This lunatic should NOT be President.

  • During his press conference Friday, he went on aSia☺giah, Sun Feb 3 7:13pm
    major rewrite of history, beginning with him claiming that he demanded General Mattis' resignation... He simply cannot fathom admitting that Gen. Mattis dumped HIM, so he lied his butt off about it... more
    • Where's the 25th Amendment — greenman, Mon Feb 4 3:09pm
      • IMHO, they should give it serious consideration NOW, because it isn't going away and can only get worse. If they keep putting off addressing tRUMP's unsuitability as POTUS, it WILL bite them in their ... more
        • Nahgreenman, Tue Feb 5 4:42pm
          ..Party before Country is their motto. Or 'Republicanism Über Alles' as they'd put it....;)
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