SES is part of the core Trump Troop, in prior years...
Tue Feb 5, 2019 4:24pm

one name for such fawning acolytes were Brownshirts. They didn't have have excuses either... though apparently SES didn't make cut for the SS.

  • You're so full of it, SESgreenman, Tue Feb 5 2:53pm
    What has he done? He's a racist and a tax cheat, like his dad. He's a sexist scumbag who spoke of 'grabbing 'em by the pussy' as his technique with women. He's been accused of a dozen or so sexual... more
    • SES is part of the core Trump Troop, in prior years... — HeavyHemi, Tue Feb 5 4:24pm
      • It's bafflinggreenman, Tue Feb 5 4:43pm
        ...because he seems to support representative democracy, oppose racism, etc. And yet he's a Trumper, and delights in lying for the guy. How does someone have that big of a disconnect?
        • I would not be so sure about that....HeavyHemi, Tue Feb 5 5:05pm
          SES is also big on doing Civil War reenactments. My own personal take is they do those so they can pretend, if just for a few hours, 'it went the right way'.
          • I wouldn't mind thosegreenman, Tue Feb 5 5:21pm
            ...if it wasn't obvious that a lot of so-called 'loyal Americans' really DID want it to go the other way.
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