The Crucifixion of Liam Neeson
Tue Feb 5, 2019 9:06pm

The star of stage and screen recently made an embarrassing and, under current social strictures, possibly suicidal admission - forty years ago a female friend was raped by a black guy, and Neeson had lurked in the neighborhood a few days with a weapon hoping to find and punish the guy. He admitted to thinking about getting 'this black bastard' and making him pay.

He subsequently went on Good Morning America and explained this further, that he's not a racist, that he was ashamed of how he'd felt and understood that it had been racist, but the damage was done. He's already been kicked off the red carpet for his latest film premier, and god knows what's going to happen to his career now.

"In his interview with GMA anchor Robin Roberts, Neeson described his reaction to the rape as “awful.” He ascribed his reaction part to having grown up during the violent Troubles of Northern Ireland."

Am I the only one disgusted by this - that a man can admit to long-ago wrongdoing and STILL be nailed to the wall for it?

I consider myself a leftist, but a lot of politically-correct liberals frankly disgust me.

    • I agree with the writer... The story is often cringeworthy, but there IS redemption and what seems to be ... more
      • Agreedgreenman, Wed Feb 6 2:51pm
        He said he was ashamed, pointed out how bad his own behavior had been...and yet we're still seeing hysteria from social media and on TV squawk shows. Are people this willfully stupid, or do they... more
        • across dozens of "hysterical reactions" that could easily have colored MY interpretation of the situation because the hysterical reactions didn't include the WHOLE story. Millions of folks who don't... more
          • Oh yeah, no doubtgreenman, Wed Feb 6 3:07pm
            What Neeson did was wrong, and sounds pretty awful out-of-context. What irks me so much these days is that people don't question, they just join the nearest online mob and wave their torch or their... more
    • admitting that 40 years ago, he reacted "that badly" to a friend's rape. Would he have given a white guy a pass for it? I rather doubt it, if his reaction was THAT strong that he considered murdering ... more
      • He said he went to the black areas looking to be attacked by ANY black men so he could hurt them. He admitted a desire to “unleash physical violence” against black men. “I’m not a racist,” Neeson... more
        • I agree.wondering, Wed Feb 6 1:08pm
          I think racist feelings were more prevalent 40 years ago, and thus his reaction to his friend's rape by a black guy was affected as such. I don't think he was completely honest about the reaction he... more
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