One of the most interesting SOTU speeches ever, just...
Wed Feb 6, 2019 9:08am (XFF:

...because of the tension in the room.

Most memorable moments for me were:

- Watching as Democrats sat on their hands in support of aborting full-term viable babies.

- The introductions of a soldier who had helped liberate a Nazi Death Camp, and a survivor of a Nazi Death Camp.

- When Trump told the "Ladies in White" not to sit down, because they were REALLY going to like the next part. Ha!

- When the President actually got DEMOCRATS to start a chant of "USA! USA! USA!"

- Watching Pelosi behind the President. It looked like she was trying to get peanuts out of her teeth with her tongue.

- And what was with the sheaf of papers she kept fumbling with? It looked like she needed a Trapper Keeper. lol

- It was so appropriate for the Democrat response to be given by a loser.

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