One of his better performances, I must say....
Wed Feb 6, 2019 10:23am

He does much better when he sticks to the teleprompter, but still more lies and hypocrisy, as expected.

The disconnect between words and deeds and reality is still there, from which he (nor you) can escape, no matter how much you deny or twist or try to avoid the truth. The facts will come out, like it or not, and the newly elected members of Congress will get to the bottom of it and do their jobs that they were elected to do... like it or not.

  • ...because of the tension in the room. Most memorable moments for me were: - Watching as Democrats sat on their hands in support of aborting full-term viable babies. - The introductions of a soldier... more
    • Literally, the worst one ever givengreenman, Wed Feb 6 2:53pm
      ...and your post is the silliest and most partisan I've yet seen on the subject. Even though you're obviously trolling, I'll just lol again at the kind of dim-witted Republican whose only measure of... more
        • voters. Plus, it all depends on where you look. "Instant polls" like the one you shared aren't scientific mixes and only include folks who WATCHED IT LIVE and apparently went online to vote. That's... more
        • And BTWgreenman**, Wed Feb 6 3:35pm
          ...you, Trump, and Republicans most certainly DO want a '2000 mile wall.' You're just not honest enough to admit it, and pretend that because Trump isn't putting up the entire 2000 miles, that I'm... more
        • Typically dishonest postgreenman, Wed Feb 6 3:33pm
          You follow along behind Trump and scoop up his turds, and proudly proclaim 'What a good boy am I!' lol
    • ...because of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it's no joke, but reality: Bad Joke: "If President Trump came out against aborting a full-term viable fetus the day before birth, Liberals would oppose him". ... more
      • ..and I'd guess has probably had them paid for for past mistresses and one-nighters. The sleaziest hypocrite ever to occupy the Oval Office. And that takes in some territory, as even you should know.
      • Except that since Trump lies all the time...HeavyHemi, Wed Feb 6 12:37pm
        you could not have made your joke because the punchline changes by the hour. Even your joke is based on a lie. Oh well.
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