It may not be a wonder to you, but it is to me...
Wed Feb 6, 2019 4:49pm

Because I live in one of those places where police do NOT respond to armed civilians in an irrational manner. Because LOTS of civilians here are armed. Firearms instructors ENCOURAGE armed civilians to share that fact with police during interactions EVEN IF it is not required by law based on the circumstances. When I have informed an officer that I am armed, the usual answer is a laugh followed by something like, "OK, just don't point it at me." Police in my part of Texas at least (I can't speak for place like Austin), are WELL able to interact with armed civilians without becoming overwrought.

Whereas in New York state, firearms instructors advise students NOT to share the fact they are armed with an officer during any interaction until it becomes legally REQUIRED that they do so. And it should be no surprise that New York police officers are distinctly LESSS able to interact with armed civilians in a calm and rational manner.

The difference is both in training and in experience. In Texas officers are TRAINED to deal with armed civilians AND they have regular POSTIVE interactions with armed civilians. Whereas in New York, officers are NOT as well trained to deal with armed civilians and because civilians HIDE the fact they are armed from the police, the police have far fewer POSTIVE interactions with armed civilians.

It makes sense. If an officer's ONLY interaction with armed civilians is dealing with armed CRIMINALS, they will understandably come to feel that the mere presence of a firearm is highly suspicious and dangerous. But when officers deal with civilians walking around with a gun on their hip doing nothing more than grocery shopping or walking their dog, the simple presence of a gun isn't seen as a threat IN AND OF ITSELF. It takes something MORE than a gun to set them off.

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