His statements about El Paso were particularly dishonest
Wed Feb 6, 2019 6:51pm

Claimed it was one of the "highest crime cities in America" (it never was) and that the wall "fixed" the crime rate (it didn't, crime rate had been falling for more than a decade before wall was built there).

Lying POS, it's all you can say for him.

  • Fact checking the SotU by NYT and PoliticoSia☺giah, Wed Feb 6 1:43am Some pretty interesting... more
    • His statements about El Paso were particularly dishonest — greenman, Wed Feb 6 6:51pm
      • Because there wasn't a grain of truth in it whatsoever.
        • To make it worse....wondering, Sat Feb 9 1:01am
          That particular lie is aimed at getting people to hate and fear Mexicans as reason to build his wall, which will make him feel like he accomplished something significant? Or maybe what he hopes to... more
        • Chronic habitPikes, Fri Feb 8 10:38pm
          Elephant in the room is Trump is a habitual, chronic liar. As long as we tolerate that in leadership, we deserve what ever that yields. Trump bankruptcies: 1991, 1992(3), 2004, 2009. Why Trump hates... more
          • Excellent postgreenman, Tue Feb 12 2:12pm
            Sums up the current disaster nicely.
          • Good to see you, Pikes.wondering, Sat Feb 9 1:10am
            Hope you are well... even if our country is not. We sKiied Monarch recently and stayed at Mt Princeton. Love those hot springs! Practically had the whole mountain to ourselves and some fresh powder... more
            • MonarchPikes, Mon Feb 11 11:19am
              Monarch is one of my favorite areas. It used to be a "biggie" on par with Breckenridge and Winter Park, before the great expansion, followed by hundred dollar lift tickets. My favorite bump run is at ... more
          • Pikes? It's WONDERFUL to see you posting again.Sia☺giah, Sat Feb 9 12:50am
            I've read several books about tRUMP and his businesses -- written by folks who did business with or worked for him and the general consensus is that he was pretty broke and had a money stream from... more
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