Racist actions....
Thu Feb 7, 2019 10:48am

usually do follow racist attitudes, even if they are subtle actions that aren't necessarily out in the open. Racist attitudes affect many things including education and social and economic opportunities. I suspect it would matter more to you if you were the predominant target of racism, especially if it put your life and livelihood at risk... even in subtle ways.

  • ...does it matter if someone is racists, if they never take any actual actions that are racist? Does it matter if someone wore blackface or dressed in a KKK costume 35 years ago (which for some... more
    • There Is A Difference...Amadeus, Thu Feb 7 8:55pm
      ...between various ways it might "matter." Should a racist who doesn't express that racism be subject to legal action? No, of course not. However, I can see someone desiring a different person to... more
    • Interesting pointgreenman, Thu Feb 7 11:26am
      While hating other races or ethnic groups might be considered morally suspect, if it didn't actually result in any bad behavior, that's less reprehensible. I personally don't care about how someone... more
    • Racist actions.... — wondering, Thu Feb 7 10:48am
      • It matters, suregreenman, Thu Feb 7 11:27am
        Just a question of 'how much.'
      • That wasn't my question.SES, Thu Feb 7 10:59am
        Governor Northam has never taken any actions that have hurt minorities. In fact, he has taken actions -- specific actions -- to HELP minorities. If that's the case, and assuming that he's "racist"... more
        • You don't seem to understand.wondering, Thu Feb 7 11:16am
          Racism isn't just isolated incidents. Racist attitudes run deep, and have a long history with terrible consequences then and now. If the governor had simply told the truth and apologized, many would... more
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