You don't seem to understand.
Thu Feb 7, 2019 11:16am

Racism isn't just isolated incidents. Racist attitudes run deep, and have a long history with terrible consequences then and now.

If the governor had simply told the truth and apologized, many would have been willing to accept that, especially if they knew about the good things he has done to help minorities.

Yes, it does matter if he or anyone is a racist. It usually does affect their actions, and it affects others. People can change though. We need not assume that he is still a racist if he is not, but if he does not tell the truth, we need not assume that he is telling the truth, either. When people lie, that can be a big problem.

  • That wasn't my question.SES, Thu Feb 7 10:59am
    Governor Northam has never taken any actions that have hurt minorities. In fact, he has taken actions -- specific actions -- to HELP minorities. If that's the case, and assuming that he's "racist"... more
    • You don't seem to understand. — wondering, Thu Feb 7 11:16am
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