Thu Feb 7, 2019 11:21am

I'd say poorly trained in general, especially in regard to negotiation and crisis handling, but I agree they're probably not well-trained on dealing with lawful gun-owners either. Their training seems to revolve around aggressive enforcement; driving at high speed, using firearms, accuracy, etc.

Thoughtful commentary.

  • One of the biggest reasons cops shoot Sprout, Thu Feb 7 9:25am
    so fast in those SPECIFIC situations described in my opinion is that they are poorly trained to deal with LAWFULLY armed civilians. Certainly there is a valid issue of whether in more GENERAL... more
    • Interesting — greenman, Thu Feb 7 11:21am
      • I agree wholeheartedly...Sprout, Thu Feb 7 1:54pm
        IMO many police departments TALK about training in de-escalation techniques and non-violent dispute resolution, but I just don't see a lot of evidence of that training being APPLIED. Though... more
        • Wouldn't be surprisedgreenman, Thu Feb 7 3:33pm
          What happened to 'peace officers?' That's what we need.
          • I think the automobile actually causedSprout, Fri Feb 8 10:17am
            part of this... Remember the old 'beat' cop? The officer who WALKED a beat in the same neighborhood day in and day out. He walked up and down the street (with no arch supports earning his nickname... more
            • Preaching to the choirgreenman, Fri Feb 8 3:06pm
              I've said this for years...we need beat cops. I read something once that Tokyo - for all its immensity - has little police stations on the corner every few streets, every neighborhood, and a couple... more
              • And I think a degree of paranoiaSprout, Fri Feb 8 3:17pm
                on the part of law enforcement claiming threats that don't really exist on any meaningful scale... One or two incidents happen across the country and every department wants a fully tactical SWAT... more
            • Now I agree that Bushler did a lot to militarize the civilian police force. My local Sheriff is actually going to auction off a significant stack of military surplus vehicles because they can't... more
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