Not talking about people. Or society. I'm talking about...
Thu Feb 7, 2019 1:27pm individual.

IF a person is racist, and IF that person NEVER does anything with the intention of hurting those he is racist against, does it make any difference whatsoever that he is racist?

If Ralph Northam has never before, and never does in the future, take any actions that hurt minorities, does it matter that he's racist (not that I think he is)?

We ALL have feelings inside that we control, that we don't act out on.

Say someone is a kleptomaniac. They feel compelled to steal something every single time that are in a store.

If they never ACTUALLY steal anything, if they are able to CONTROL their urge, does it matter that they are a Kleptomaniac?

To ME, it is a person's ACTIONS that matter, not the urges/biases that he may harbor in his brain.

  • You don't seem to understand.wondering, Thu Feb 7 11:16am
    Racism isn't just isolated incidents. Racist attitudes run deep, and have a long history with terrible consequences then and now. If the governor had simply told the truth and apologized, many would... more
    • Not talking about people. Or society. I'm talking about... — SES, Thu Feb 7 1:27pm
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