That may be true, but when it comes to who REPRESENTS YOU
Thu Feb 7, 2019 1:34pm

in a political office, then YES, it matters if someone is racist. Especially because their constituents don't feel as if they can trust them to represent their interests.

Does it matter on a private level? No, of course not.

  • individual. IF a person is racist, and IF that person NEVER does anything with the intention of hurting those he is racist against, does it make any difference whatsoever that he is racist? If ... more
    • I gave you my answer.wondering, Thu Feb 7 2:10pm
      You mention a lot of "IFS" that you don't know. We can only go by what we do know. Racism does and has in the past hurt people, whether it is intentional or not. Does that matter? Yes. Some people... more
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