Not true. Race based affirmative action si racist...
Thu Feb 7, 2019 2:00pm

Gender based affirmative action is not racist...

Do you even think before you post?

  • are racist. I'm, pretty sure he believes racism, is a myth for the most part. Probably because of his limited experience and environment.
    • Not true. Race based affirmative action si racist... — Sprout, Thu Feb 7 2:00pm
      • Why would I argue gender discrimination is racism?HeavyHemi**, Fri Feb 8 2:50pm
        Your knee jerk silliness kinda confirmed something for us Spout. And thank you for confirming that you believe all forms of affirmative action that used any component of race as a factor are wrong.... more
        • You made a claim about MY position onSprout, Fri Feb 8 3:19pm
          ALL affirmative action... A claim that was so oversimplified as to be stupid.
          • Here's another question that will tie you up: do you believe all forms of affirmative action based on GENDER are wrong? Yes or no? Do you have the same standard for gender as you do for race?
            • was racist... that is not true. Only race based affirmative action is racist.... it is so by definition... Now, whether it is GOOD or BAD is a separate argument entirely. I have the same standards... more
              • So only race based to you is bad...HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 8 6:57pm
                "A black kid from a poor family in the poorest part of the ghetto probably needs more help than a white kid from a well to do family in the suburbs." (this is why folks snicker at you and roll their... more
                • He was saying that Affirmative Action shouldn't be based on RACE, but on actual ECONOMIC NEED. SPROUT: "I have the same standards should apply for all human beings. Now, I do see value in assisting... more
                  • No, I got that.HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 8 11:53pm
                    I know he says that. And I also know that he will not recognize the disadvantage that are based on race. That is my point. He wants to remove it from consideration. He believes there no inherent... more
                    • minorities have faces major disadvantages over the years and that there still are some distinct disadvantages that exist, especially in urban situations. Plus the situation where young, black men... more
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