I gave you my answer.
Thu Feb 7, 2019 2:10pm

You mention a lot of "IFS" that you don't know. We can only go by what we do know.

Racism does and has in the past hurt people, whether it is intentional or not. Does that matter? Yes.

Some people have a tendency to lie. Does that matter? Yes. Especially if they are a politician. People would like to be able to believe what politicians say about policies that will affect them. When politicians lie to the public about what they have done in the past, it is fair to assume that they will continue to lie about what they have done or will do in the future. Throwing a token bone to minorities does not erase all the harm that has been or will be done in the future.

Yes, actions matter. The ones you see and the ones you don't. Urges/biases can also matter, as that can lead to actions... the ones you see and the ones you don't. Lies matter. Trust matters.

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