I think you set the bar for a police officer way too low...
Thu Feb 7, 2019 2:40pm

If you say that they simply cannot be expected to exercise any self-discipline as to who they shoot beyond not another cop, you really think very little of police officers.

Heck, what if there was a PLAINCLOTHES officer there... is it just expected that they get shot as well?

  • INSTINCT kicks in during high octane, active shooter situations and ANYONE with a gun in hand is a potential threat. Someone NOT wearing a police vest with the words prominently displayed is likely... more
    • I think you set the bar for a police officer way too low... — Sprout, Thu Feb 7 2:40pm
      • I think of cops. Several of my friends and relatives are also in law enforcement. I happen to know that, in LIFE/DEATH situations, instincts take over. It is also drilled into cops that HESITATION... more
        • Then quit acting like police can't Sprout, Thu Feb 7 4:26pm
          help shooting anyone they see with a gun any time the are under pressure. I figure they can do better... Police training? No.. I have had military training and military experience... I have used both ... more
          • that doesn't mean it does or will happen, OBVIOUSLY. When cops shoot innocent civilians it doesn't "just go away" as them shooting on instinct, which pretty much TRASHES your entire argument. We are... more
            • I am talking about reality. And not every situations where an officer UNJUSTLY shoots a law abiding armed civilian is an active shooter situation. Not every time they hear "shots fired" is an active... more
              • No.HeavyHemi, Thu Feb 7 8:02pm
                That's what most of your posts consist of when we point out you're not making a point or an argument but simply repeating phrases and ideas as if nobody has been discussing them for year.
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