My favorite news chyron
Thu Feb 7, 2019 4:11pm

  • and now the WHOLE story... Sia☺giah, Wed Feb 6 9:41pm
    The error was fixed very quickly, but not quickly enough to stop the ridiculous attacks suggesting that CNN DELIBERATELY mislabeled him and "presumably" left it mislabeled. From Newsweek... more
    • My favorite news chyron — greenman, Thu Feb 7 4:11pm
      • LOL... Pretty good...Sia☺giah, Thu Feb 7 4:14pm
        But obviously, coincidental. Still amusing.
        • Probably coincidentalgreenman, Thu Feb 7 4:21pm
          ...but I've never checked to see if any Fox News interns were fired just about that time, or
    • ...intentionally misleading. CNN Puke #1) "We need to put his name up here. Is he a Republican or a Democrat?" [ Really? You work at CNN and don't know that the Virginia Governorship went to the... more
      • Make things up much? Sia☺giah, Thu Feb 7 4:12pm
        Someone made a MISTAKE and it was very quickly corrected. However, not until SOMEONE took a screenshot and spread it all over the web. There are changes and corrections constantly made on EVERY TV... more
      • Or, It Was...Amadeus, Thu Feb 7 4:12pm
        ...just a mistake. It happens. Amadeus
      • CNN isn't Fox News, genius (nm)greenman, Thu Feb 7 4:11pm
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