True enough
Thu Feb 7, 2019 6:19pm

in that one case... the gun and the fact that the shooter was black (not sure if they knew that at the time or not) was the primary cause for the shooting of the innocent guy who was trying to help. That demonstrates how dangerous it is to carry a weapon even with good intentions of wanting or trying to help in a situation like that. It also demonstrates how dangerous it is for police officers in situations like that and what they have to deal with.

  • but in the cases described, the GUN was the primary cause of the shooting... Because the police didn't shoot the first black man in the mall that they saw. They only shot the one with a gun.
    • True enough — wondering, Thu Feb 7 6:19pm
      • As well as in the other case...Sprout, Fri Feb 8 9:22am
        The private security guard who was also shot for having a gun in his hand while trying to handle the ACTUAL threat. Yes, it is critical for ANYONE armed to be careful when dealing with police. The... more
        • What you seem to be missing....wondering, Fri Feb 8 9:44am
          is that the presence of a firearm in active shooter situations IS a threat, especially when the police don't know who the actual shooter is when they enter the scene. It doesn't matter how much... more
          • because while it COULD be a threat, it ALSO COULD be carried by a plainclothes police officer, an off duty police officer, a federal agent, or even a law abiding licensed civilian. NONE of which... more
            • as a citizen who carries a firearm. I can certainly understand that you would like for the police to be more careful before they shoot someone who has a firearm whether it is in an active shooter... more
              • I do see it through my own perspective being that I have BEEN on both sides of the gun. I have been both the unarmed civilian AND the guy carrying a gun both as a civilian and as a member of the... more
                • Apples to Oranges....wondering, Fri Feb 8 6:48pm
                  How many times did you as a soldier have to go into a situation where there were active shooters? Probably not that often. There may be some similarities, though. Both police and soldiers typically... more
                  • I don't think it is...Sprout, Sun Feb 10 4:49pm
                    How many times do officers go into active shooter situations (since you seem to want to limit discussion to them)? Probably not that often. Both police and soldiers typically wear uniforms. Both are... more
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