And I think a degree of paranoia
Fri Feb 8, 2019 3:17pm

on the part of law enforcement claiming threats that don't really exist on any meaningful scale...

One or two incidents happen across the country and every department wants a fully tactical SWAT team. One or two incidents happen across the country and every department wants fully automatic weapons and heavy plate body armor to counter their local "gangs".

The myth that the police all need machine guns and armored vehicles or they will be "out-gunned" by the "heavily armed" gang-bangers... who usually have crappy stolen guns. But let one group of guys rob a bank in California with fully auto AK's and now every cop needs plate armor and a fully auto rifle himself.

And the police get ever more and more stand-offish in response to those "concerns" with respect to the general population which exacerbates the problem...

IMO it is a self-feeding cycle. The initial myth of cops being somehow targeted pulled them back, which weakened the trust with the community more, which made the cops feel less welcome, which caused them to pull back more, which weakened the trust....

IMO what has been fascinating to me is the change in demographics with respect to trusting the police. IMO the older generations often do still trust the police IN GENERAL. But even within them there were distinct sub-groups that had more or less general trust for police. Nowadays I don't see much trust left anywhere. And even groups within the population that would historically have been MOST likely to trust the police, don't seem to do so much anymore.

  • Preaching to the choirgreenman, Fri Feb 8 3:06pm
    I've said this for years...we need beat cops. I read something once that Tokyo - for all its immensity - has little police stations on the corner every few streets, every neighborhood, and a couple... more
    • And I think a degree of paranoia — Sprout, Fri Feb 8 3:17pm
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