Yes. You are certainly correct about that...
Fri Feb 8, 2019 5:14pm

I do see it through my own perspective being that I have BEEN on both sides of the gun. I have been both the unarmed civilian AND the guy carrying a gun both as a civilian and as a member of the military.

I see it as a civilian who carries a firearm, who expects not only that police to identify their targets (and therefore not shoot me), but recognizes MY OWN obligation to do so before shooting in ANY situation (and therefore not shoot innocent bystanders).

I ALSO see it as a former SOLDIER who carried a firearm in the line of duty, including overseas deployments, who expected not only that my peers would identify their targets (and hopefully not shoot me), but recognized MY OWN obligation to do so before shooting (and therefore hot shoot my peers or innocent bystanders).

I certainly agree that the obligation goes both ways. I recognize that police (not unlike soldiers) face situations where there are threats.

But where we part ways is you seem to think that police should be given more leeway than we were as soldiers. And I would say the opposite should be true. As soldiers in a combat zone, we COULD hazard innocent bystanders (historically called collateral damage) in ways that a police officer IS NOT. In theory, at least, if the threat warranted it, the military COULD knowingly use force that would kill bystanders whereas a POLICE FORCE isn't allowed to simply shoot up an entire building just because someone is shooting at them from it.

In many ways we, as a society, should WANT police to exercise GREATER discipline and trigger control than we expect of the military... And that is probably part of the reason we don't particularly want the military doing police-work in the US. And why many are concerned with the "militarization" of our police.

Yet, here we are, defending LESS discriminate use of force by police.

  • as a citizen who carries a firearm. I can certainly understand that you would like for the police to be more careful before they shoot someone who has a firearm whether it is in an active shooter... more
    • Yes. You are certainly correct about that... — Sprout, Fri Feb 8 5:14pm
      • Apples to Oranges....wondering, Fri Feb 8 6:48pm
        How many times did you as a soldier have to go into a situation where there were active shooters? Probably not that often. There may be some similarities, though. Both police and soldiers typically... more
        • I don't think it is...Sprout, Sun Feb 10 4:49pm
          How many times do officers go into active shooter situations (since you seem to want to limit discussion to them)? Probably not that often. Both police and soldiers typically wear uniforms. Both are... more
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