Apples to Oranges....
Fri Feb 8, 2019 6:48pm

How many times did you as a soldier have to go into a situation where there were active shooters? Probably not that often.

There may be some similarities, though. Both police and soldiers typically wear uniforms so that they can easily identify whom NOT to shoot at.

When soldiers go into a militarized zone, they often do not know who may or may not have guns or weapons. It could be any innocent looking civilian on the street for all they know.

The problem is, some of our cities are becoming like a militarized zone. There are so many guns out there. There is a lot of crime and drugs out there. It could be any innocent looking civilian carrying a gun that could go postal at any time. People get road rage... or who knows what or why and shoot up malls, theaters, schools. Sadly that is what it has come to in this country. Police people no doubt feel more and more like they are in a militarized zone. Police men and women have to go out there every day and deal with many unforeseen threats and dangers. They may not always have the time or the luxury of being that discriminating in their use of force. Of course, we see the videos and stories where it looks like they are too aggressive and trigger happy... but what about the stories where cops get killed? It isn't really a simple issue of training or discrimination. I personally believe that tougher gun control laws would ease some of the stress and danger that our police face in their day to day jobs.

  • I do see it through my own perspective being that I have BEEN on both sides of the gun. I have been both the unarmed civilian AND the guy carrying a gun both as a civilian and as a member of the... more
    • Apples to Oranges.... — wondering, Fri Feb 8 6:48pm
      • I don't think it is...Sprout, Sun Feb 10 4:49pm
        How many times do officers go into active shooter situations (since you seem to want to limit discussion to them)? Probably not that often. Both police and soldiers typically wear uniforms. Both are... more
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