Sia: "Neither college student is Governor". Duh.
Fri Feb 8, 2019 10:38pm

Funniest incident ever on here.

Egg in your face much? lmao

"What's up with college kids in Virginia? 50 years ago?"

Apparently, the same thing going on TODAY with college kids in your native State.

Too perfect.

  • it's an Ivy League school full of students from all over, it's NOT a reflection on WHERE it is. As of now, no one knows who they are. Probably from Virginia So STFU
    • Sia: "Neither college student is Governor". Duh. — SES, Fri Feb 8 10:38pm
      • Get over yourself already. Sia☺giah, Sat Feb 9 1:30am
        You haven't the SLIGHTEST CLUE where those students are from. Plus, I didn't see any reports of TWO students at Tufts, but of only one.
        • ...Wheaton College. What the f*ck is going on TODAY with random college students in Massachusetts? "A college soccer team in Massachusetts is facing suspension following a student-athlete's offensive ... more
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