Chronic habit
Fri Feb 8, 2019 10:38pm

Elephant in the room is Trump is a habitual, chronic liar. As long as we tolerate that in leadership, we deserve what ever that yields.

Trump bankruptcies:
1991, 1992(3), 2004, 2009.

Why Trump hates Obama

Trump Entertainment Resorts, the casino holding company, entered Chapter 11 in February 2009 amid The Great Recession. Atlantic City casinos were also hurt, according to published reports, because of new competition from across the state line in Pennsylvania, where slot machines came online and drew gamblers.

The holding company emerged from bankruptcy in February 2016 and became a subsidiary of investor Carl Icahn's Icahn Enterprises. Icahn took over the Taj Mahal then sold it in 2017 to Hard Rock International, which said it planned to renovate, rebrand, and reopen the property in 2018.

Like some others, Trump blamed Obama for the recession.

Trump's last bankruptcy didn't finally emerge from court until 2016. He cannot possibly be as wealthy as he claims, which supports why he refuses to disclose his financial statements or tax returns. He doesn't want Americans to see he is worth possibly with only a fraction more than the money he inherited from his father, after 30+ years of his business development. Perhaps it isn't even that much.

There is a vast difference between licensing the name for branding, and ownership of companies. Claims of Trump owning hundreds of companies is either deliberate deception, or misunderstanding branding does not ownership yield.

  • Because there wasn't a grain of truth in it whatsoever.
    • To make it worse....wondering, Sat Feb 9 1:01am
      That particular lie is aimed at getting people to hate and fear Mexicans as reason to build his wall, which will make him feel like he accomplished something significant? Or maybe what he hopes to... more
    • Chronic habit — Pikes, Fri Feb 8 10:38pm
      • Excellent postgreenman, Tue Feb 12 2:12pm
        Sums up the current disaster nicely.
      • Good to see you, Pikes.wondering, Sat Feb 9 1:10am
        Hope you are well... even if our country is not. We sKiied Monarch recently and stayed at Mt Princeton. Love those hot springs! Practically had the whole mountain to ourselves and some fresh powder... more
        • MonarchPikes, Mon Feb 11 11:19am
          Monarch is one of my favorite areas. It used to be a "biggie" on par with Breckenridge and Winter Park, before the great expansion, followed by hundred dollar lift tickets. My favorite bump run is at ... more
      • Pikes? It's WONDERFUL to see you posting again.Sia☺giah, Sat Feb 9 12:50am
        I've read several books about tRUMP and his businesses -- written by folks who did business with or worked for him and the general consensus is that he was pretty broke and had a money stream from... more
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