No, I got that.
Fri Feb 8, 2019 11:53pm

I know he says that. And I also know that he will not recognize the disadvantage that are based on race. That is my point. He wants to remove it from consideration. He believes there no inherent disadvantage to being black in the US when clearly, demonstrably there is in educational opportunity and quality, never mind the criminal justice system. All that said, I always been uncomfortable with AA programs myself. Good intentions and that...

  • He was saying that Affirmative Action shouldn't be based on RACE, but on actual ECONOMIC NEED. SPROUT: "I have the same standards should apply for all human beings. Now, I do see value in assisting... more
    • No, I got that. — HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 8 11:53pm
      • minorities have faces major disadvantages over the years and that there still are some distinct disadvantages that exist, especially in urban situations. Plus the situation where young, black men... more
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