Ha Ha Ha
Sat Feb 9, 2019 1:44pm

If you'd actually read what I wrote in response to the lead in post, without taking it personally, you'd likely better understand what I actually said and why.

However, since you took it SO PERSONALLY, you're blinded to my reaction of surprise and bewilderment at hearing that yet ANOTHER elected official in Virginia was involved in racist, black face photos in only a matter of days. As a result of your mistaken interpretation, you somehow seem to think there's egg on my face because two unnamed students (from who knows where?) did something just as stupid, when there most certainly is NOT any egg on my face whatsoever. IMHO, it's reprehensible behavior no matter who does it.

First of all, I couldn't care less that people- whom I don't even know, who happen to go to Ivy League schools in my home state did something as incredibly STUPID as what they did. It is NO REFLECTION on me. I have NO reason to take it personally or to feel embarrassed by their idiocy, even if they attend university in my home state. I expect that THEY won't ever be elected to high political office with that sort of thing hanging around their necks.

At the same time, Virginia recently ELECTED your four AND then it all came out in such a short time … So, that got a reaction of "HUH? What the heck is going on down there?" from me. Which is reasonable and expected reaction from anyone …

ha ha ha ha ha… and the fact STILL remains that I do not know ANYONE who's ever done such a thing. Most folks know better because that is so OBVIOUSLY unacceptable behavior, ESPECIALLY in a politician (of ANY party). The DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR SHOULD RESIGN. Not only is his judgment poor, but he's a LIAR besides. You seem to take all of this personally. Did you vote for the clowns? If not, then WHAT'S THE FLIPPIN' PERSONAL CONNECTION TO YOU that you feel such a need to defend them and point fingers at others ???

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