Interesting piece with an ethical dilemma to ponder (nm)
Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:26pm

  • Moral choice or pragmatic partisan option? Sia☺giah, Sun Feb 10 6:16pm Scenario #1: A governor becomes embroiled in a scandal. So, amazingly enough, do the lieutenant governor and attorney general in... more
    • A difficult problemgreenman, Mon Feb 11 11:16am
      One side of me says that requiring that a replacement be of the same party only helps entrench the two-party circus further. Another says it's fair to put someone in there of the same party the... more
    • It is an interesting quandry...Sprout, Mon Feb 11 9:20am
      IMO in or modern political climate, I suspect that party politics will win out. Not that I necessarily like it, but IMO it is practical and pragmatic given the nature of the grand game that is... more
    • That's a construct for the argument. There's no ethical or moral issue if the laws are followed. Why should there always be a way so that the political party does't flip? The party control in the... more
      • framed to guarantee party continuity in the executive branch... But while they might not have been elected, if the Speaker ends up POTUS they aren't just a "placeholder" president. Thy are the... more
      • Oh, they wouldn't mind. **chuckle**Sia☺giah, Mon Feb 11 2:12am
        Perhaps the suggestion near the end where they might do what Nixon did would work ?? It's pretty obvious that the top two MUST go. One is a bald-faced LIAR about what he did decades ago and the other ... more
    • Interesting piece with an ethical dilemma to ponder (nm) — Sia☺giah, Sun Feb 10 11:26pm
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