A difficult problem
Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:16am

One side of me says that requiring that a replacement be of the same party only helps entrench the two-party circus further. Another says it's fair to put someone in there of the same party the electorate supported. I guess that's really a flaw of the two-party system, not laws requiring these things.

In this case, I think the Governor (blackface, lying about it, changing stories, race perception problems) has to go and so does the Lt. Gov (credible claims of sexual assault). I don't have a problem with the AG, who admitted freely to a single instance of blackface in his past and apologized for it. If the Governor had done that, I wouldn't have a problem with him, either.

Of course, what do you do if an official is credibly accused, then is forced to resign, then is tried and acquitted? Should he get his job back? How would you do that?

Very tough questions and part of what makes democracy a difficult thing to work. People have to want it to work, and they have to have some integrity, too.

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