I just don't know the guy enough
Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:01pm

to know his motives... Maybe he thought that the PARTICULAR picture wasn't him... but that it might be him in other pictures... Maybe he figured he could get away with it...

Of course in the era of slaves there were slaves and there were indentured servants. I don't know the context of the speech whether it was referring specifically to slaves or to something else.

Hard to say "just go" when it leaves the governorship in the hands of an accused rapist which ads just another dimension of trouble for him and his party.

Having him resign, and then impeach the newly sworn in Lt Governor, and then hand the job to the AG who apologized for the same behavior that the governor resigned over... Wow... what a mess.

  • Just sogreenman, Mon Feb 11 11:26am
    I don't like the Governor's response - admitting he was in the picture, then denying it, not taking it seriously (Moonwalking? NO), and now blathering about slaves as 'indentured servants.' I'd... more
    • I just don't know the guy enough — Sprout, Mon Feb 11 12:01pm
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