What if that was the REAL intent behind the governor's
Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:33pm

retraction of his admission regarding that picture?

If he THOUGHT admitting to it would taint him to the degree he could not validly appoint a replacement Lt Governor, it might be with the goal of holding on LONG ENOUGH to appoint a Lt Governor once the current one is gone.

Then, as a theoretically SEPARATE issue, pivot to his own issues and perhaps LATER re-admit that he was the dude in the picture and resign...

Yeah, it would be kind of thinly veiled, but from a LEGAL standpoint?

  • https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/09/what-could-happen-next-virginia-flowchart/?utm_term=.7e882badc395 “One could make an argument that allowing Smith [appointed rather than elected] to ... more
    • of legislation doesn't make it ILLEGAL and to save their collective arses, they just might do exactly that and LET the courts argue it out. By the time it was resolved, the situation would likely be... more
      • ...the Attorney General. I doubt that the Governor can execute a power that the State Constitution does not give him, and it does not give him the power to appoint anyone to a position that the... more
        • doesn't it violate the will of the people to allow a different party to take over ?? Why not just hold SPECIAL ELECTIONS to elect someone else (by the people) and only allow the succession rule to... more
          • So what would happen if the Governor was a Democrat and the Lieutenant Governor was a Republican? The State Constitution provides for that eventuality. If the Democrat Governor is forced to resign,... more
    • What if that was the REAL intent behind the governor's — Sprout, Mon Feb 11 2:33pm
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