Devil's Advocate here... Violating the INTENT of the spirit
Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:10pm

of legislation doesn't make it ILLEGAL and to save their collective arses, they just might do exactly that and LET the courts argue it out. By the time it was resolved, the situation would likely be over and done with.

I'm not suggesting anyone violate the spirit of any laws, just being realistic that partisanship OFTEN overrules ethical and moral quandaries like this. Besides, ANYONE elevated to governor who wasn't elected directly doesn't have a mandate from the people to be governor, even if they were elected to the House.

Their other option to retain the party of the seat is to ignore one or more of their infractions... OR to boot the Gov and Lt Gov, and let the less tainted AG take the job.

Are your Lt Governors appointed or do they run on a separate ticket for elections?

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    • Devil's Advocate here... Violating the INTENT of the spirit — Sia☺giah, Mon Feb 11 3:10pm
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