Well, it appears that the way it is to be done is a matter
Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:39pm

of LAW and therefore, the options are limited IF they wish to retain the party in power. If that's what they decide to do, then ONE of them will be given a pass on their behavior. IMHO, that should be the AG, who admitted and apologized for doing something tasteless, but also very long ago when he was considerably younger, less mature, and apparently foolish.

It's not like he kept slaves or lynched someone. He did something truly awful, but he apparently didn't realize HOW awful and demeaning it was when he did it. Now he's ashamed and embarrassed by it, but he owned it and apologized.

I'm one who believes in redemption and in second, even third chances, depending on the "crime", ESPECIALLY if they are youthful and foolish, without actual INTENDED harm.

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    • Well, it appears that the way it is to be done is a matter — Sia☺giah, Mon Feb 11 3:39pm
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