The people elected PEOPLE to those offices.
Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:41pm (XFF:

So what would happen if the Governor was a Democrat and the Lieutenant Governor was a Republican?

The State Constitution provides for that eventuality. If the Democrat Governor is forced to resign, the
Republican Lieutenant Governor moves up into his office.

Regardless of Party affiliation. Either way. Democrats to Republican. Republican to Democrat. Governor to Lieutenant
Governor. Lieutenant Governor to Attorney General. It's all spelled out in the State Constitution.

The Lieutenant Governor was elected by the people. As was the Attorney General. As was the Speaker of the House.

If the State Constitution provides for the replacement of these elected officials, as it does, and makes no mention
of holding special elections, as it doesn't, then -- it is what it is.

The will of the people was to have these PEOPLE in office.

And the State Constitution spells out the Order of Succession, regardless of Party.

Because it should be the PEOPLE who matter, and not their PARTY.

  • doesn't it violate the will of the people to allow a different party to take over ?? Why not just hold SPECIAL ELECTIONS to elect someone else (by the people) and only allow the succession rule to... more
    • The people elected PEOPLE to those offices. — SES, Mon Feb 11 3:41pm
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