They certainly are working at it...
Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:54am

A couple of the challenges they face with reducing coal is that they don't have much in the way of domestic energy sources OTHER than coal. So they end up having to import natural gas and other fossil fuels.

They are actually doing quite well in expanding renewables like wind and solar. And I have seen a couple of really neat pilot projects for tidal generation in German.

I think the long term challenge is that many of the renewables aren't constant production type systems in that there isn't always wind and there isn't always sun so that they have to build a LARGE surplus of production in each different area so that they have enough on nights when it isn't windy.

I'm a bit torn on nuclear... I wonder what is the best 'backup' system to fill the gaps in a renewable energy system. IMO if we COULD solve the storage problems with nuclear I think it would be a good solution, but right now, those storage problems are HUGE. I think there are sound reasons why folks really aren't building new nuclear power plants around the world much anymore. I'm not sure what the 'right' timeline to phase them out is, if that ends up being the long term answer.

My point in this thread is that even the most AGRESSIVE plans don't really come even CLOSE to what this young politician is proposing.

Countries like Germany are going to need coal and oil and gas from quite some time to come, probably many more decades. They just offer the best energy density and the ability to produce power consistently that many of the renewables just don't have.

That is why I tend to wonder if solar and wind are really the answer... I have to wonder if long term, tidal doesn't have the best potential. I saw a project in Africa that essentially walled off an entire BAY and used the tidal movement between them to produce ALMOST continuous power. I don't know how widely applicable such a system would be, but it seem to have quite a bit of potential.

  • Which they're also transitioning away fromgreenman, Tue Feb 12 10:32am
    I assume you're not trying to pretend they're using MORE coal than before? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/22/germany-moving-from-coal-to-renewable-energy-without-infrastructure.html 'Output from... more
    • They certainly are working at it... — Sprout, Tue Feb 12 10:54am
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