You mean like lying about meetings with Russians?
Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:34pm

Lying about paying off women, a Federal campaign financed felony?
Then you post an objective lie such as "As for now, we've only gotten those asinine statements from blithering idiot Cortez and her munchkins."

Can you explain why you're enraged about someones opinions yet you have your mouth wide open swallowing the daily lies of Trump? Once again it is so perfectly clear why you washed out as a Marine. How many blanket parties did it take?

  • ...the world will end in 12 years unless we do something about Global Warmi..., uh, Climate Change, I'll call him on it. Likewise, if her ever says that he thinks High Speed Rail can make air travel... more
    • You mean like lying about meetings with Russians? — HeavyHemi, Tue Feb 12 12:34pm
      • ...make air travel unnecessary. Or saying that we could be more ambitious if only we could get rid of farting cows more quickly. Or that every single building in the United States should be rebuilt... more
      • Food for thoughtPikes, Tue Feb 12 1:12pm
        Under oath, Manafort lied and continued to lie after he reached a deal, and now is in deeper trouble than ever. Trump Jr. lied. Gates lied. Flynn lied. Stone lied. Kushner lied. All under oath to... more
        • Of course we should all believe our "lying eyes".Sia☺giah, Tue Feb 12 11:11pm
          rather than the top liar's lies.
          • Debt todayPikes, Wed Feb 13 5:13pm
            passed $22 trillion. $22.09 trillion and counting. When Trump's Tax Act was signed into law, I used adjusted Turbotax to run a simulation, to learn what to anticipate for this year. I adjust... more
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