What POSSIBLE reason does it matter aside of your attempt
Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:28pm

to deflect away from the lead in post's story about it HAPPENING, not WHO caused it.

YOU are the one trying to break it down to "did tRUMP do it or was it like that before?" when THAT is not the point whatsoever.

  • Do you think the executive Branch can alterSprout, Tue Feb 12 2:03pm
    the overall tax code without Congress changing tax laws? The question is DID the specific tax code changes CAUSE this or was it the same before?
    • What POSSIBLE reason does it matter aside of your attempt — Sia☺giah, Tue Feb 12 2:28pm
    • Veering off againgreenman, Tue Feb 12 2:09pm
      I never said "the current Trump tax code changed their tax picture." So argue it with yourself, or look it up.
      • So, you don't know... Neither do I...Sprout, Tue Feb 12 2:30pm
        So... here is where we are... IF the tax code passed by congress and signed by Trump CHANGED their tax burden from something to nothing then I would absolutely AGREE with you that this rests with... more
        • WHERE did he "blame tRUMP"? (nm)Sia☺giah, Tue Feb 12 3:58pm
        • I said thisgreenman, Tue Feb 12 2:40pm
          "They got a $22 million BONUS from Trump's government." That happens to be a fact. I never said that "Except for Trump, they would have to pay taxes!" as you seem to be pretending I did. Don't... more
          • came from Trump era legislation, it makes sense to point the finger right there... But focusing on "Trump's Government" when it could be 20 year old tax law is clearly TRYING to portray it as if... more
            • You support Trump, finegreenman, Tue Feb 12 2:45pm
              Well, not's amazingly stupid, in fact. I'm just saying don't misrepresent what I say.
              • No, I don't....Sprout, Tue Feb 12 2:55pm
                I had other preferences, but I, as usual, voted for what I perceived as the lesser of two evils. What I don't believe is demanding that every POTUS take responsibility for somehow failing to fix... more
                • So you didn't vote for him?greenman, Tue Feb 12 4:58pm
                  That wasn't clear.
                  • I thought I made that quite clear...Sprout, Tue Feb 12 5:02pm
                    I voted for what I perceived as the less repugnant candidate... Quite a few here would have preferred to have had Bernie as their candidate, but they still voted for Hillary... I wouldn't consider... more
                    • You still can't say it, can you?greenman, Tue Feb 12 7:05pm
                      I voted for Hillary because: Trump. You voted for Trump, is what you're saying, in your roundabout, abusive way?
                      • And I voted for Trump because: Hillary...Sprout, Wed Feb 13 8:52am
                        You seem to grasp that you didn't have to support Hillary to vote for her because you disliked Trump MORE... Yet you seem to struggle that plenty who voted for Trump did the EXACT SAME THING.
                        • No, I understandgreenman, Wed Feb 13 2:56pm
                          I just wanted you to admit you supported Trump, as I admitted I supported Hillary. That's all.
                          • I guess it's a semantics thing...Sprout, Wed Feb 13 3:13pm
                            To me, someone who "supports" a given politician is one who believes in what that politician represents. And may even participate by doing things like attending rally's, volunteering at the campaign, ... more
                            • Whatevergreenman, Wed Feb 13 6:38pm
                              I supported Bernie whole-heartedly, and voted for Hillary ONLY because she ran against Trump. How anyone could consider Hillary "more repugnant" than TRUMP is beyond me, it genuinely is.
                        • To the Liberals on here...SES, Wed Feb 13 9:12am
                          ...if you support(ed) Trump, you like(d) everything that he ever said, did, or thought... ...but THEY get to pick and choose the things that they like and dislike about Democrats. It's their... more
                          • Typically absurdgreenman, Wed Feb 13 2:57pm
                            And for the record, you (and Trump) are childISH, not childlike. And your argument is absurd.
                          • You are actually the example of your childlike way of ignoring Trump's lies and crimes. Is your argument because he is not 'ALL bad' that we should do what, just pay attention to what? Your argument... more
                • Except that he did NO such thing.Sia☺giah, Tue Feb 12 4:01pm
                  He merely made a statement of FACT --that you misinterpreted -- and that you now refuse to acknowledge. Instead you're deflecting and flailing about trying to suggest he said things that he NEVER... more
                  • Yawn....Sprout, Tue Feb 12 4:13pm
                    So you think that every president SHOULD be expected to fix everything in the tax code in their first 2 years... Otherwise it is THEIR administration responsible for the flaws? LOL...
                • What if literally everything they dogreenman, Tue Feb 12 3:54pm
                  ...makes things WORSE? Because that's the Trump Scenario.
        • He didn't say that Spout, you did.HeavyHemi, Tue Feb 12 2:32pm
          Yet another example where anyone who can read, can see you're being dishonest about what is posted. Obviously so. Why?
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