Amazing that you claim to be an expert on Ms Cortez.
Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:30pm

How many years (minutes) have you spent researching her and her education, which vastly exceeds your own, right? It is amazing the depths you and your ilk sink to avoid talking about your idol Trump, the criminal traitor.
Yeah, I guess if I was a REMOVED BY MODERATOR I'd do that too.

  • Which you HOPE she has, but has not yetSprout, Tue Feb 12 2:26pm
    demonstrated... When in fact, what she HAS demonstrated while in office, is to put out data that caters to an extremely narrow band of voters, but stands to discourage support from mainstream members ... more
    • Amazing that you claim to be an expert on Ms Cortez. — HeavyHemi**, Tue Feb 12 2:30pm
      • Does that impress you? You don't have a Bachelors Degree? When I was in college, the kids who wanted to skate took Economics. And when she got out of college with her awesome degrees, she had planned ... more
        • Impressed? You're calling her a 'blithering idiot'.HeavyHemi**, Tue Feb 12 8:01pm
          Once again just as your ilk does, you just lie. I merely commented on the facts of her education and ability to speak. You just provided me more evidence of why you're a REMOVED BY MODERATOR
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