No, I understand
Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:56pm

I just wanted you to admit you supported Trump, as I admitted I supported Hillary. That's all.

  • And I voted for Trump because: Hillary...Sprout, Wed Feb 13 8:52am
    You seem to grasp that you didn't have to support Hillary to vote for her because you disliked Trump MORE... Yet you seem to struggle that plenty who voted for Trump did the EXACT SAME THING.
    • No, I understand — greenman, Wed Feb 13 2:56pm
      • I guess it's a semantics thing...Sprout, Wed Feb 13 3:13pm
        To me, someone who "supports" a given politician is one who believes in what that politician represents. And may even participate by doing things like attending rally's, volunteering at the campaign, ... more
        • Whatevergreenman, Wed Feb 13 6:38pm
          I supported Bernie whole-heartedly, and voted for Hillary ONLY because she ran against Trump. How anyone could consider Hillary "more repugnant" than TRUMP is beyond me, it genuinely is.
    • To the Liberals on here...SES, Wed Feb 13 9:12am
      ...if you support(ed) Trump, you like(d) everything that he ever said, did, or thought... ...but THEY get to pick and choose the things that they like and dislike about Democrats. It's their... more
      • Typically absurdgreenman, Wed Feb 13 2:57pm
        And for the record, you (and Trump) are childISH, not childlike. And your argument is absurd.
      • You are actually the example of your childlike way of ignoring Trump's lies and crimes. Is your argument because he is not 'ALL bad' that we should do what, just pay attention to what? Your argument... more
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