Debt today
Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:13pm

passed $22 trillion. $22.09 trillion and counting.

When Trump's Tax Act was signed into law, I used adjusted Turbotax to run a simulation, to learn what to anticipate for this year. I adjust exemptions to neither pay additional tax beyond what is withheld, nor receive a refund of money without interest. While my rate was cut, I lost many deductions on which I used to count, and the result is a $950 increase in federal taxes. Everyone in my family experienced an increase in their federal taxes. Trump, Trump Jr. and Trumpeons who defend him and this are liars. Furthermore Trump and Congressional spending is up 148% over Obama's highest year (2009), with a debt at $22.09 trillion and a deficit of $.876 trillion. He and they directly hurt my family. This isn't far away in the future, or some distant land and war. It's right here, right now, reality.

Donald Trump Jr. has a 50/50 chance to be Mueller's next big indictment. It's either he, or Jared Kushner. One by one, every one who lied under oath are prosecuted for that felony, and the most curious thing is all their lies protect one common element; The stinking big orange groper fish. It can't come too soon. I'm telling you, when I encounter Trumpeons who laugh about this in real life, God help me keep calm and patient, for I want to shake hands with their throats.

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