For starters
Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:40am

I will be filing on 15 April.
I knew this was coming, due to the mock exercise last year. I put aside a little extra each month to cover this, and advised my children to do the same.
We should be OK. But who needs that $950 more? Trump and the Federal government, or my household and me? Who will be more accountable with it?

So when people call Trump a conservative, they're as much a liar as he. Conservatism is thrifty, and is fond of value. Trump is one of the most wasteful men of his ilk in America. Look at his gaudy gold statuettes, gold toilets (spray painted gold plastic more likely!) and all the expensive, flamboyant waste he parades as "rich!" He put the Con in Conservative, and look who fell for it?

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