Open carry without a permit is legal
Thu Feb 14, 2019 2:53pm

Concealed (under a coat for the sake of discussion) requires a permit.

So, in that speakers simplified terms, if a person who is legally carrying openly puts on a coat, they become a criminal...

I personally don't love unlicensed carry. I don't care if it is concealed or open, I prefer folks to get some training and education in the law before they do it.

But I think it is a valid point that IF unlicensed carry is legal openly, why would CONCEALED unlicensed carry be DIFFERENT? IMO I might even see it the other way. OPEN carry, to me takes ADDITIONAL focus on things like retention that concealed carry does not. To me, IF either of the two is to be without a license, it should be concealed. But it seems to be a number of states have it backwards.

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