Isuspect the FBI could play a significant role...
Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:44am

For example, if there were SUSPICIONS that there were grounds for removal under the 25th Amendment, it would PROBABLY be the FBI (or maybe another appropriate DOJ agency) that would do the formal investigation. So, it would be the FBI's reports that would be submitted to SUBSTANTIATE any execution of those 25th Amendment powers.

It is unlikely that a VP, and/or the Cabinet would do the formal investigations THEMSELVES personally. And even Congress, while legislators TALK about investigating this and investigating that, I suspect much of the ACTUAL work involved is through various DOJ agencies.

  • Well only theSIR, Fri Feb 15 11:40am
    Congress, the Vice President, and the Cabinet can use the 25th Amendment to take power away from the president.
    • Isuspect the FBI could play a significant role... — Sprout, Fri Feb 15 11:44am
      • Or none at all.HeavyHemi, Fri Feb 15 12:29pm
        You're assuming only CRIMES would be the reason for using the 25th and that is pretty much exactly WRONG. Impeachment is that avenue. The 25th is more intended for reasons such a health or mental... more
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