So tRUMP signed the "National Emergency Order" anyway?
Sat Feb 16, 2019 12:03am

Guaranteed, he's going to be sorry for it.

First of all, it's guaranteed that it will be hung up in court for YEARS.

Second of all, he just set a precedent that the GOP is surely going to regret.

THIS happens to be extremely unpopular and there are thousands of citizens who plan to sue and who are likely to have standing in court for damages they anticipate as a result.

What happens if a majority of citizens like something the DEMs decide to use the "National Emergency" law to accomplish? After Newtown tragedy, Americans might have supported a "national emergency" affecting gun control. Ditto health care issues.

The GOP should be very, very careful how they handle this situation.

    • Either gun violence OR healthcaregreenman, Sat Feb 16 10:38am
      ...would have to be considered far, far more of a 'national emergency' than his fake, invented 'crisis' at the border. Some of the Republicans with functioning brains apparently realize this...
      • Climate change.Poppet, Sat Feb 16 11:44am
        There's the perfect (actual) emergency for ramming home the point to the GOP about being careful what one wishes for.
        • YesPikes, Sat Feb 16 6:39pm
          "I didn't need to do this, but I'd rather do it much faster." Hung by his own petard. His other hanging Trump acquired this course (Trump International, Ireland) in Doonbeg, Ireland, in 2014. Trump... more
          • Appallinggreenman, Sat Feb 16 8:03pm
            It's literally all about him - and money, of course.
        • Good pointgreenman, Sat Feb 16 11:57am
          I should've mentioned that one first...
    • I read somethingapologizes, Sat Feb 16 2:18am
      on here early this morning that was said to you, it was very rude and very ugly, And its been bothering me off and on all day, I had no idea said poster ever said or did such things. I wanted to... more
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