Back in the day we had the Mark 1, calibrated boot heel.
Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:57pm

It did actually work on occasion getting an old CP-901 Nav computer running.

  • I restarted my laptop and all is well again.Sia☺giah, Mon Feb 18 8:44pm
    Something must have glitched up after being up for over a week without once restarting.
    • Back in the day we had the Mark 1, calibrated boot heel. — HeavyHemi, Mon Feb 18 8:57pm
      • I am not familiar with those things. Sorry.Sia☺giah, Mon Feb 18 9:17pm
        The oldest computers I ever used were from the mid to late 1980s. I cannot remember what they even were, but remember that I'd had to learn DOS to use them.
        • These were ancient modified banking computers...HeavyHemi, Mon Feb 18 10:16pm
          that used tape drives and had logic modules the size of a Butterfinger. We used them on P3's hunting subs. I was kinda making a joke about sometimes the most rudimentary methods work on even the most ... more
          • as hard as I just did. I did think it strange that something was called a Mark I calibrated boot heel. But figured it was just before my time and weirdly named. I had an old Mach 1 Mustang so thought ... more
            • We used to refer to the process asSprout, Tue Feb 19 10:07am
              Step 1: Soft boot Step 2: Hard boot Step 3: Steel Toe Boot But we actually had an old theoretically ruggedized and mobile system that when it acted up, the answer was to lift the front of the server... more
              • Ha ha ha.Sia☺giah, Tue Feb 19 12:31pm
                I remember lifting up my old Compaq Presario 486 (before pentiums) and doing exactly that. It always seemed silly to me that the connections weren't tight to where they could loosen up.
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