You're Making A Fool Of Yourself...
Fri Mar 1, 2019 2:01pm (XFF:

You should note that for the most part, when people tell you that experts are divided on an issue, they are taking exception to you - a nonexpert - claiming that your position is obviously correct and that those who do not agree must be stupid.

It isn't that nobody can have an opinion.

It isn't that you can't have YOUR opinion.

It's that your certainty that YOUR opinion is obviously the correct opinion is foolish.


  • ...the specifics of whether or not a POTUS can be indicted IN OFFICE because IT IS NOT CLEAR. So, WHY should Sia listen to what YOU think about it? Hint: She claims she shouldn't, but apparently she... more
    • You're Making A Fool Of Yourself... — Amadeus, Fri Mar 1 2:01pm
      • Was there ever an easier task?SJW, Mon Mar 4 5:11pm
        All that's missing from SES's posts are the "Merrie Melodies"
      • deleted subject lineBANNED POSTER, Sat Mar 2 4:54pm
        Mondo should not be posting here. **original post removed** MODERATOR
        • It's fascinatinggreenman, Sat Mar 2 5:07pm
          ...that you rail at people you don't like posting on your board and ban their posts, but come over here and post even though you're banned. Would you call that consistent or ethical behavior, Mondo?
          • He Has A ProblemAmadeus, Sat Mar 2 5:18pm
            If he was satisfied with his own board, he wouldn't bother other boards like this. He does demonstrate an astounding lack of ethics. He has constantly and continuously violated the Terms of Service... more
      • is disturbing.
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