Thanks for proving my point. Q.E.D.
Sat Mar 2, 2019 10:24am

So if, as you said:

(1) Political Parties then were not what they are now, and;
(2) The Constitution was written on the assumption that political Parties would never be what they are TODAY, then;
(3) There was no reason for them, at that time, to provide for any process for holding a President to account other than impeachment.

So your point seems to be that if the writers of the Constitution HAD KNOWN what political Parties would one day become, they would have
put something in the Constitution making the President subject to indictment-BEFORE-impeachment, but...

...since they never thought political Parties were going to become what they are today, they DIDN'T put indictment-before-impeachment in
the Constitution.

Thereby proving my point - The Constitution does NOT provide for indictment-before-impeachment.


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