Ditto with me. I walked away from his board and he suddenly
Sat Mar 2, 2019 5:38pm

went ballistic and decided that he'd somehow MADE me leave. (Huge LIE). I chose to leave because I grew to HATE it there and not long afterwards ended our obviously pretend friendship when I discovered that HE was the troll behind so much of the ugliness that was going on and other things that were harming me.

He apparently cannot stand rejection, being ignored, or being irrelevant to other people, even people he doesn't like or respect. It's pathological.

Also, he's CLEARLY not happy with his own life and board, else he'd not show up here CONSTANTLY, desperately seeking attention.

I NEVER post on his board and don't even go there. So, it's not like he's been provoked to come here in ANY shape or fashion. I want NOTHING to do with him and wish he'd just "live and let live". He can't.

He is SO much like tRUMP in his self-centered, unbelievable entitlement mentality, that I don't wonder at all why he supports and defends him. He simply doesn't know any better. Doesn't explain the rest of the tRUMPists, but it DOES explain him.

  • He Has A ProblemAmadeus, Sat Mar 2 5:18pm
    If he was satisfied with his own board, he wouldn't bother other boards like this. He does demonstrate an astounding lack of ethics. He has constantly and continuously violated the Terms of Service... more
    • A pathological case, sadlygreenman, Sat Mar 2 8:03pm
      I've glanced at his board, but wouldn't post there if he let me. It's a sewer. And he embarrasses himself regularly on Ken's board, too.
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