I saw an apology from you to him, but didn't see what you'd
Sat Mar 2, 2019 9:11pm

said. I pop in there a few times a week, or have been for the last few weeks. But I don't read a lot there anymore.

You're SO right that mongo pushes people trying to get them to react angrily. He delights in it. I can't fathom what pleasure he gets from it, but he doesn't get any from most of us. Merlin had advised us long ago to simply delete his nonsense, after logging it in the abuse database, and just keep on going regardless of what nonsense he tries to start. It was EXCELLENT advice. Still, mongo shows up here every couple of days and posts all kinds of hateful nonsense, trying to get someone to react. We just clean up the mess and forget about it. He must be one lonely, bored silly dude to waste his time doing that stuff.

You're right about the alter egos. Yikes, one is pleasant and downright disarming while the other, always lurking beneath the surface, is


BTW, did you ever read the "private message" I sent to you on the new board a week or so ago?? I was wondering if it ever arrived or how it works when a message is delivered, so used the opportunity to further explain something you'd asked then to see how the messaging system works there.

  • I'm afraidgreenman, Sat Mar 2 8:05pm
    ...that I went off on him on Ken's board, so I had to apologize for that. I know who and what he is, and going off on him is not only pointless, it's what he TRIES to get people to do. Definitely two ... more
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