You're So Close...
Mon Mar 4, 2019 10:16pm

Is the President a citizen?

Yes. The President must be a citizen according to the Constitution.

Are all citizens bound by the law?

Yes, all citizens are bound by the law.

Is the President, then, bound by the law?


See how simple that was?

But because the President is the President, the Constitution also adds the process whereby that particular special standing can be removed. Impeachment.

It is simple and clear.


  • ...what COULDN'T happen, as it is to expect a Weatherman to say "It isn't going to rain Orange Juice". It's as stupid to expect the Constitution, which contains VERY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how a... more
    • You're So Close... — Amadeus, Mon Mar 4 10:16pm
      • ...probably tell you to "P*ss off!" Since she thinks that "experts" "vehemently" and "enormously" disagree, you are not allowed to claim that you are correct... ...according to the Admin.
        • Actually no she's not disagreeing with opinions.HeavyHemi, Tue Mar 5 12:31pm
          Here again we can read the posts and see that you are in fast being dishonest about the content of them. You have in fact claimed quotes that were not made to make your arguments. That is dishonest... more
    • Nope, this is complete nonsensiscal babbling.HeavyHemi, Mon Mar 4 5:35pm
      I mean if you understood whether the Constitution is prescriptive or proscriptive. Or perhaps if you quit conflating the concepts in your *arguments' in mid stride... You're really quite inept.
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